Welcome to Faithtides!

The life of faith in God can seem as rhythmic and yet as changing as the tide.  High tide comes, and his presence seems to cover us like the fullness of the waters.  Low tide goes out, and we feel isolated and barren, covered by the debris of life.  And yet, in high tide or low, all is faith, all is life, and in all is God.  At faithtides, join us as we navigate the waters of life in God from a mainline Christian perspective.

My name is Josh Bizzell and I am a United Methodist pastor serving on Saint Simons Island, GA.  I’d love for this site to become a place of dialogue instead of just a place for me to post my own thoughts.  If you would like to contribute to faithtides, email your submission to faithtides@gmail.com.  All items not written by me will include the author’s name.  So, explore the site, read, write, discuss, and let the wave of God’s mercy and love flow over you.

Just click on the subject you are interested in checking out on the menu to the right, and a list of articles will appear.  Also, check us out on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/Faithtidesnet!  Be sure to like the page and share it with your friends!


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